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SeaSucker Bike Racks


SeaSucker Bike Racks

If your car does not have a towbar or you simply want to easily transport your bike, a SeaSucker Bike Rack is the best solution. With a SeaSucker Bike Rack you can transport your bicycle(s) on the roof and are available in different shapes and sizes. SeaSucker Bike Racks are easy to attach, store and use.

Benefits of a SeaSucker Bike Rack

The main advantage of a SeaSucker roof rack is that there is no need for a tow bar and you can easily attach it to your car. In addition, a SeaSucker Bike Rack is compact and easy to store. The substitute for a classic bicycle carrier is stable, powerful, safe, maintenance-friendly and fits (almost) any car. Because you can adjust adjust the forkmount connection, it is also possible to transport just about any bicycle. Because the SeaSucker Bike Rack is attached by suction cups, damage to the car is prevented. SeaSucker roof racks can carry a weight of 20 kg per bicycle and have a traction of 90 kg per cup. All in all ideal to easily carry your bike.

Attach the SeaSucker Bike Rack

A Seasucker Bike Rack is easy to attach to your car. For example, the roof carrier is attached by means of vacuum cups that do not necessarily have to match the shape of the roof. All that is required is that the surface is smooth enough to create a vacuum and you can place the SeaSucker Bike Rack. Each vacuum cup has a orange stripe that becomes invisible as soon as the vacuum is reached, so you know that the bicycle carrier is fixed. Then it is only a matter of placing the bike on the Bike Rack and placing the specially supplied vacuum cup for the rear tire in the desired location and you are ready to go.

The SeaSucker Bike Racks

SeaSucker has a diverse range of different Bike Racks for every desired situation. For example, the SeaSucker Talon is suitable for transporting one bicycle. The SeaSucker Mini Bomber is perfect for transporting two bikes and with the SeaSucker Bomber you can easily transport three bikes. In addition to the roof racks to transport a bicycle on your car, SeaSucker also has a range of alternatives to attach to your car. With the SeaSucker Falcon you can easily take your bike with you in the back of your pickup truck.