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Transporting ski’s or snowboard with suction cups? What the s*ck!

How to transport ski's and snowboards?

Planning a trip to the Alpes, Pyrenees, or another winter sports area? Transporting your gear up the mountain might be one of the problems you run into while putting your gear in the car is far from ideal. For most people the loading capacity of their car is limited, and you don’t want to leave other necessary stuff behind. But, placing roof rails and a rack or a roof box on top of your car is expensive. Especially since every car uses a different system and you can’t use your old system once you buy a new car.

Therefore, the SeaSucker Ski Rack might be the ideal way to get your gear up the mountain! You might have already taken a look around at our website and have seen that SeaSucker uses suction cups to mount the system on top of the car. Probably the first thing you have thought was: this will never last on top of my car!?

However, SeaSucker isn’t using a suction cup system. The racks are mounted via vacuum cups! These cups are based on the system they are using in the industry to install windows on buildings. The cups are extremely powerful and can hold up to 95kg of pull strength. The SeaSucker ski-rack uses four of these cups to mount the rack on top of your car!

How to install the SeaSucker ski and snowboard rack?

SeaSucker racks can be installed on every car. You just need to make sure that the surface you want to mount your SeaSucker on is clean and relatively flat. Installing the rack at freeze temperatures is no problem! You just have to make sure that, if you clean the mounting surface, it is dry before you mount your SeaSucker. Once used in the cold, please make sure to warm it up again to room temperature before you store it. Otherwise, the rubber is losing its flexibility.

Mounting the SeaSucker Ski and Snowboard rack is easy and done in a moment. At first you position the two parts of the rack on top of your car. Pump all the four vacuum cups. There is an orange indicator on the pump; if the orange indicator is no longer visible, you reached the right vacuum level. Then, you can place your ski’s and/or snowboards on the rack. Close the rack and lock it with the keys. You are now ready to hit the slopes!